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Thursday, August 7, 2008

From Sean Day (via The Dawg Run) AM

Always the over-achievers, the Lindens have decided to forgo the next week and a half of anticipation and are set to welcome Annabelle to the world today. Holly began having some mild contractions this morning at about 5:30. They called their doctor a little later in the morning and he said to come on into the hospital. They arrived there at about 8:30, and after being monitored for about an hour, they have scheduled the C-section for 1:00 today.

Matt will keep me posted by phone and may send along some pictures from his phone. I will keep you updated on their progress throughout the afternoon.

They appreciate all your thoughts, hopes and prayers today.


Holly will be headed into the OR at about 12:45 with surgery to begin around 1:00. The doctors will be removing a couple of cysts as well, so it is expected that everything will take between one and two hours. Matt will be able to be in the operating room for the delivery.

They are at the Mary Birch Hospital. For those that would like to be at the hospital with them, Matt said it would be best to meet in either the downstairs or 3rd floor waiting room

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