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Thursday, August 7, 2008

From Sean Day (via The Dawg Run) PM

Annabelle is here!

She was delivered successfully a short while ago. The doctors gave her a bit of oxygen and then she started breathing, crying, and swallowing on her own pretty quickly. She has also been waving her arms around. As expected, her legs were a bit deformed and there is an opening over her spine. The doctors covered the opening right away to keep it sterile and protected. Matt was able to hold her, and they set her down near Holly's head so she could give her a kiss. Annabelle was then taken to the neonatal area where friends have been able to peek in on Annabelle one at a time.

The removal of Holly's cysts also went well. She is in recovery and coming down off of anesthesia. Once she is able to sit up and be put in a wheelchair, she will be off to visit Annabelle. Matt and Holly will be meeting with the team of specialists tomorrow to go over the treatment plan. It sounds like little Annabelle has surprised them so far.

Welcome to the world, sweet Annabelle. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.


Sheryl said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you!!! I'm excited to see an update so soon..What a BEAUTIFUL photo!

Living Free Online said...

Thoughts & prayers are with you all. Please keep us posted. What a darling!

Anonymous said...

My Name is Marcy. I'm 46 and also have the same type of Spina Bifida that Annabelle has. Doctors told my family that I wouldn't live, or if I did, I'd be a vegetable. Doctors know so little about the human spirit. Don't give up despite what "experts" say. If you want to contact me please do at: emailmarcy@yahoo.com