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Saturday, August 30, 2008

This is Matt's mom:

She flew in from Idaho the other day, walked into the Family Room and asked how she could help. I offered her what may be the worst job in the whole construction industry: sanding drywall. It's messy, miserable work, possibly unhealthy, and as you sweat from the labor, the dust curdles back into joint compound, filling your pores and clogging your eyes. She picked up a sanding block and went for it.

And this is Steve:

He drove over a hundred miles to do this the other day. He said he could afford gas for one trip, and instead of choosing the party that happens tomorrow, he decided to come down and sand drywall. The man is a sanding machine, stopping only to hand me tools or help out with something else.

The two of them worked tirelessly and unselfishly this hot August week, and for what? So Annabelle and her family could have nice smooth walls? People like this are a true inspiration. They make the pain of life worth bearing. If you live your life right, these folks show up to help carry the load, and without them we would crumble under the burden of it all.

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HB said...

We can't begin to thank enough. Steve, you should've just stayed with us to be at the party. So much love and thanks Sean , Steve, and Grandma Shuker.