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Monday, August 18, 2008

A few members of Annabelle's Circle were able to accomplish a number of things this past weekend -enough to get all the laborers out of the rest of the house and into the Family Room where we belong. The mother-daughter Cambone team took to the front door and got the final finish coat on the thing and it looks beautiful. I was able to get the mail slot installed and plug that ugly hole in the stucco on the front walk. Holly's brother was in town and took to the mudding like a pro -slapping it on every wall and ceiling in sight. There was some more patching and sanding and painting that got the dining room up to speed, as well as a few pieces of trim on the roofline and a couple sheets of drywall up. So, all in all, it was a weekend of solid accomplishment. Special thanks to Wendy for keeping the kids out of the fray on Sunday, while we all pressed on.

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HB said...

It looks amazing Team!!! Thank you so very much. Dad and Jeremy ( brother ) finished the mudding in the family room. So exciting. All this action while the mighty leadership was too sick to be doing what he was doing. Heart be blessed. So many thanks and much love.