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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Photograph by Ashley McNamara

Matt wrote about it here, as well, and I received this email from Holly this morning:

I was wondering if I could make a request to give some sort of credit to Ashley McNamara and Kristin Rachelle (the photographers who did the photo shoot for us at no charge) and Angela Chodorow ( Jr. High friend of Matt's who set it up) on Annabelle's Circle. They were perfect strangers to us before Monday. If we had no photos to show for it, I would never forget that evening. We somehow just stepped away from the pain and difficulty, and simply walked on the beach, cuddled, and celebrated our love and our family. God truly provided a much needed evening of joy and blessing through the kindness of those three women. It didn't feel like a photo shoot at all, which I felt really strange about considering, and ended up so grateful for. I would never have set this up on my own, even if I could have paid for it. It was like the first date we've been on in... well I don't remember. It was magical. They are now a part of "The Circle" and I want to formally acknowledge their generous gift and kindness there... It just meant a lot to us, and always will.

Click here for Ashley McNamara's site, and here for Kristin Rachelle's site. Don't miss the photos of Matt & Holly, and some real talent on display.


ashley mcnamara said...

I am so glad Angela contacted us. You guys are amazing.

Kristin Rachelle said...

We were out of town so I'm now just seeing this......You guys are amazing....truly some beautiful spirits. I'm so happy to have met you both.