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Monday, July 7, 2008

Just a quick note...

After the 4th, we pressed on this past weekend, trying to take care of anything in the house that would make the place more "homey". (Sorry, no pictures. Too busy working.) We finished up on the baseboards and door casings and did a good amount of patching and painting on the walls and trim. The place is looking swell, and all the rooms are back -up and running with furniture and most of the tools and construction materials moved out. The Lindens wanted the place to themselves on Sunday, but I returned today to do some work on the front garden wall -cleaning it up a bit with a coat of stucco and some cap blocks. It could use some paint, which we will get to some day soon.

The neighbor, Mike, has been helping out on sprinkler maintenance. These things can be a challenge to get just right, and it's been great to see him wandering over from time to time, attaching a new head and adjusting this and that. The new sod has taken root through this hot weather, though there are a few dry patches, and the garden boxes are at odds with the dog's digging fetish, so I would say that that puts the Linden Landscape up to speed with the rest of us in the suburbs!

Keep these guys in your prayers. Annabelle's Circle has let Matt & Holly know that all the remaining gifts of money are at their disposal to cover any bills in this challenging period, while Matt transitions into a new job. We want to make sure that their medical insurance payments are kept up, so that has become the absolute top priority.

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