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Friday, May 2, 2008

Kind Words for Matt and Holly

It's really been a touching experience being on this end of the Internet, receiving kind words and offers of help for the Lindens from so many people; family, friends, and strangers, and from all over the country. I thought I'd pass on a few of those thoughts here, and want to encourage you, too, to send a kind note to Matt & Holly to lift them up and brighten their day.

"I completely admire their faith and am humbled by their website and words. I like to think that we help God pick our parents, and even though I don't really know the Lindens, I know they will be wonderful parents. Annabelle will be so blessed to have them, just as they will be so blessed to have her."

"It can be tough to read some of Matt's blog entries. It's quite a powerless feeling when you can't be there to help a friend, but the covering of prayer is vital."

"They are such wonderful people and really deserve everything that they can get."

"I would so like to do something. I have never met Holly or Matt... Our son Luke has spina bifida and so all of this has been a bit like reliving my own experience. I feel such sadness and such hope for these two... It's just something you can't fully understand unless you've lived it. Please do let me know where I could send something. This is a lovely thing you are doing. It's very moving to see how people are coming together in support -it makes such a huge difference, truly."

"Though I don't know the Lindens well, I have very fond memories of them both from Camp Fox, and appreciate the opportunity to support them in a difficult time as they, along with the entire Fox family, supported me through very crucial years of becoming the adult out in the world I am today."

"I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS!!! Matt was the one who let me in to Camp Fox my first year... Matt let me into camp, gave me my first new testament Bible and told me to keep it untill I was ready. Well, ten years later he was right. Because of Matt, camp, and all of the very special people that I've since met, MY LIFE HAS TOTALLY CHANGED! Thank you, Matt!"

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HB said...

Thank you all so very much. We will never be able to express enough gratitude. We love and thank you!