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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 6

Well, it was a day of good news and bad news, and a Day of Reckoning, to be honest. We all seemed to have individually worked backwards out of our corners, meeting in the middle, elbowing for space. However well-intentioned, the bright idea of doing some work on all the floors landed the crew and their tools square on our butts for the weekend, kicked out of the house! So there we'll be outside, finishing off the exterior for the next few days, while the floors dry. The bad news is that none of us will be able to use the bathroom this weekend. The good news is that it didn't work anyway.

It's still clogged and backing up. Deron arrived with a snake and went at it, with only nominal success, but he'll be back. Though everything is swimming right along, that nagging, bit-off-more-than-you-can-chew feeling might be getting the best of us astride the lack of sleep and general full-body soreness. A half-framed, half-drywalled, half-stucco'd Family Room was not a goal of ours for Sunday, and unfortunately there will be a certain amount of unfinished-ness to the place when the Lindens return, but there will also be a considerable amount of progress, and that and the fellowship of friends and family lifts the spirit altogether.

A highlight of the day was when Lynne arrived with a carload of plants and unloaded them onto the driveway. It got a grin and a sigh out of me just to seem them sitting there, and I thought what a wonder God is to give us simple flowers. You can build and hammer all you want while God grows the plants out back and out of sight. Those plants are the pointers, and for every road block we build for ourselves, God's small, but hardly insignificant, gifts direct us around.

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