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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day Five

Well, you think you're tired. That's us at the end of the hump day. Matt and Holly really wanted to get together with whoever was working on the place and we wouldn't allow them to come over, so we went out and met at a restaurant at around 9:00. They wanted to meet up at about five but we all just laughed: "We're too busy!" These are the diehards of the crew, the ones who just won't give up. Okay, wait, I take it back. Dave Adey isn't in the shot because he was still back at 2016 Dayton mixing thinset and cutting kitchen tile. I think I saw him shaking his head as we left the place, muttering under his breath, "wimps."

The man's a powerhouse.

If you're wondering why Matt is out cold in that first pic, it's not because of those empty glasses on the table, rather, it's because of this. He told me he was up all night praying, and when I heard that I just wanted to cry. I realized then that I was pretty tired myself, and drove home with my brother singing at full volume in the car just to stay awake. The song was: come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together try to love one another right now... It was pretty funny.

We started off strong, in spite of the troubling news about Holly and the downswing of morale from the previous day. We didn't quite accomplish what we set out to, but progress was made, slowly but surely. There's a team of women who have taken to sanding some of the floors in the house and they have the gusto of Olympians. Those flecks in the photos are the dust of 60 years of life at 2016 Dayton. We had it in every pore, every fold of skin, and one little backed up sink to wash off in. We went to the restaurant really just to wash up.

Today the last of the donated monies will be spent. More is needed, of course, but if anyone has access to free drywall, lumber, and landscaping supplies, we'll take it! Thanks be to all who have given so freely of their time and treasure. Don't forget: Sunday afternoon everyone is invited over to see the progress and welcome Matt and Holly back home.


HB said...

Eyes tear filled with blessing. Our cup runneth over.

Jennifer said...

Help is on the wayyyyy! Elizabeth and I will be coming down after work today and tomorrow and will be there all day Saturday.

Also, I am in the process of recruiting a small army to join forces with us.

See you tonight! Hang in there guys, you're doing an awesome job!!

Jennifer Saber