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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day Two
(As Seen in the Following Blog Pics)

Friends arrived with bottles of wine for the Baja Winery Cellar and plants for the nicely landscaped vineyard, as promised. Steve went to town on the house with the pressure sprayer, prepping it for a new look. The two Seans took their sweet time on the slider, wanting it to be just perfect (which it was.) And then the guys had some serious debate about soil amendments -thankfully, it didn't come to blows. Corey wrangled the stucco paper, and Kevin wrangled the ceiling insulation. Kristi modeled the tool belts for us all, and the first piece of drywall was set into the ceiling as Mr. Linden worked the barbeque to serve us all a nice Memorial Eve chicken buffet. It was a solid day of work. All the stories and memories wouldn't fit on this blogspace, but Matt reminded us all as we headed to bed: "This good night's rest brought to you by the Linden Family!"

Not sure who to thank on that one.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Hello?!?! I thought you ordered the LARGE slider?!?!? :)
Nice tool belt, Kristi! Would make Tim the Tool Man proud.
Lookin' good, everyone....lookin' good!!