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Friday, April 18, 2008

(First Post)

This site was established as a junction for friends and families of the Lindens to connect and contribute to their well-being. Matt & Holly Linden have staked out a spot deep in our hearts, and watching them go through this challenging time inspires us all to get involved and help out, at least in some small way.

Having your first child is stress enough, but few of us can imagine the plight that is raising a child afflicted with Spina Bifida. We know that our friends in need could use a hand in preparing the home for little Annabelle, and some of us have determined that house specifically to be a good place to start.

A few years ago, Matt and Holly became proud owners of their first home, a fixer-upper. The struggle of two full-time working parents-to-be (along with Matt's business feeling the effects of the current housing downturn) has found them living in a home in need of some real repair. A week of work days has been proposed, tentatively scheduled to begin May 24th, Memorial Day Weekend (note: now confirmed) All manner of activities are being planned: drywall repair, landscaping, painting, and some re-framing projects. Everyone can contribute! If you can use a paintbrush, swing a hammer, sink a shovel, make a lunch, or simply be of good cheer, WE NEED YOU!

We are also taking up a monetary collection to help pay for some new windows, plants, and various construction materials -in the interest of relieving some of the financial burden the Lindens face in looming medical costs. If you want to help, but can't work for a day, this is a great way to contribute! Any amount will be accepted and well-used. If you would rather procure an item for the house on your own, that would be great, too. A list of needed materials will be posted on this site in the coming days.

In the work days to come, there will be lots of furniture to move around and gardens to plant, all in the interest of creating a warm place for Annabelle to grow up. A place where her parents will be able to love and care for her, free from the burden of worrying about that dearth of insulation and drywall in the family room!

If you can help out, even for a few hours, on any day between May 24th and June 1st, please leave a comment below or email Sean Hawkins at "sean4annabelle@mac.com". All your comments are welcome and encouraged, as this blog will be saved for posterity in the Linden family's Annabelle Scrapbook.

Check back here for more info!

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