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Monday, April 28, 2008

Annabelle's Circle -Update

The Linden Makeover Project is in full swing!

Hawkins Construction has been responding to emails, answering phones, getting materials estimates and putting together a budget at a pace that would rival anything on the Home & Garden Network! It's all thanks to the outpouring of help that friends and family of the Lindens are so eager to offer. I, myself, am really looking forward to meeting everyone on that first Saturday, and then getting to work. It's going to be great!

I am very pleased to announce that our initial goal of raising $2500 to pay for materials for some of the necessary projects has been met! The generosity, of both time and money, has been impressive and is a clear display of the good type of people the Lindens have chosen to surround themselves with in this life. It should be an inspiration to all.

We now move into the second phase of fundraising for the Makeover Project. There are a great number of projects at the Linden home that fall under the "not-urgent-but-would-raise-the-standard-of-living-and-quality-of-life" category, and these are the ones that would truly be a heartwarming gift. I feel the need to say that the $2500 amount was a modest goal initially and that additional amounts will truly make a difference in the house. The initial funds allow us to focus our efforts on the Family Room and some of the landscaping, but more time and money will allow us to do a few other things like repair the old hardwood floors, do some stucco patching around the exterior of the house, repair and replace some of the rotted wood trim, and other general beautification projects. If you have a specific item or plan for their home that you would like to contribute or suggest, please email me at "sean4annabelle@mac.com". I have already received a few excellent ideas and am looking forward to integrating them.

Check back here for further updates. I will post more fun photos of the home as it looks right now, in the interest of getting everyone pumped up about the project!

On behalf of the Lindens, thank you to everyone who has given so much. We're all eagerly anticipating the "Linden Home Makeover" week, as we are the birth of Annabelle come this August!

Sean Hawkins

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