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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Annabelle's Circle -Update

There has been a groundswell of support for the Linden Makeover Project!

We have yet to contact everyone in the extensive list of people who are friends of the Linden Family, and already we have raised over $600 and have commitments from over 20 people willing to help out for at least a day! Keep spreading the word!

A bank account for Annabelle has been set up, and funds will be drawn from it to help pay construction costs. It is a "Benevolent Account" at Washington Mutual and Marci Hawkins will be keeping track of all donated funds. Additionally, Marci's email address is linked to the account through PayPal. If you would like to give through PayPal, it's easy! Just go to PayPal.com and type in Marci's email address: "marci4annabelle@mac.com". Money will be automatically and safely transferred from any account (including credit cards) directly into Annabelle's account. Checks made out to "Annabelle Linden" are also acceptable and can be sent to Marci. Please email her for the mailing address (or if you'd like the WaMu account number for direct deposits.)

The early money has enabled us to place the order for the new front window and sliding door for the back, which is a fantastic blessing. We still need twice that to pay off the order, but we are optimistic it will come through. Additional money is needed for the "absolute essential" projects: insulation, drywall, and lumber. Several studs and headers need to be replaced in the old house, as they are rotted and termite damaged. The window replacement will help insulate the Family Room, (the drafty, old aluminum one will be changed out) and the sliding door replaces the old door which was once the rear garage exit.

I have taken a lot of pictures and measurements lately and discussed with Matt what the project priorities are, so rest assured that no matter how many hands and dollars come forward, every last one will be well-utilized. In the meantime, be praying for Annabelle and her parents as they get ready for another check-up, next week (this time with a new doctor.) Look to The Dawg Run for full family updates, and check back here for more details on the work week -now confirmed to be from Saturday, May 24th to Sunday June 1st.

Sean Hawkins

Here's a shot of the front header that urgently needs to be replaced:

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