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Monday, September 1, 2008

On Sunday it felt as if the other bookend was placed on these last, long six months, and a new shelf was begun altogether. Annabelle's Circle has unlatched hands and let so many people in that the Circle seems as wide and as vast as the horizon itself, encircling so many of us with its joy and generosity, love and labors.

If you didn't know, Annabelle's shower had been pushed back a few weeks until after the delivery date. Given the news of the hour, a month ago no one was sure what that "shower" might entail, and at times we feared the worst. Friends and family kept praying though, and kept giving, kept hoping, kept showing up to work on the house when prayer wasn't enough.

And now to have that little girl home in her mother's arms, with all those in the Circle around her -it was a completely stunning and awesome moment. Words can't describe it, and words aren't enough. And though it is one amazing story to share, it's little Annabelle herself who is so rich and shares so much in this world with all those on the near side of the Circle, and the far.

She'll take the story from here, we suppose, but she still needs your love and prayers and support, your hopes and dreams and wishes for her, your clues to understanding all of life's complicated quantities, and your hands to hold in all of life's tender moments. She needs all these things -and more- and if you were there to meet her on Sunday you know one thing: she's worth it.

Sean Day put together this terrific video from the shower, which captures many of the high points of the celebration, and the joy and relief we all felt that day.

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